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Tires - Owensboro, KY

Tire Mart of Owensboro sells quality major brands for all types of vehicles. Click on the tabs below for more information on our top-rated brands.

Bridgestone® Tires

Tire Mart of Owensboro is proud to offer Bridgestone® brand tires. Bridgestone tires are famous for maintaining handling performance for the full life of your tires.

  • Bridgestone Passenger tires, for cars and minivans, offer premium comfort and responsive handling in all weather conditions.
  • Bridgestone Performance tires are inspired by the racetrack and specially engineered to reduce road noise.
  • Bridgestone Light Truck tires, for trucks and SUVs, are perfect for commercial and recreational use. The computer optimized tread pattern in Bridgestone Light Truck tires delivers great maneuvering and cornering control on highways, boasts excellent traction and a unique rounded casing profile for a smooth ride.
  • Bridgestone's all season Passenger-Touring tires, which feature increased wet handling and braking capabilities, satisfy even the most demanding driver.

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Bridgestone® Potenza RE050A

Featured Tire: Bridgestone® Potenza RE050A

The Bridgestone® Potenza RE050A is a Maximum Performance Summer tire popular on sports cars, sports coupes and sport sedans. The Potenza RE050A deliver notable traction on both wet and dry surfaces (not intended for snow). On the outside, a tread gripping compound is molded into its asymmetric tread design. This unique tread pattern pumps water out from under the tire's footprint to minimize hydroplaning and to increase wet traction.

Inside, the Bridgestone Potenza RE050A features twin steel belts with spiral wrapped nylon reinforcement to enhance high-speed ride quality while minimizing weight. The fabric cord body and hard rubber sidewall filler blend ride comfort with steering response and stability. Buy a set of Potenza tires today!

Firestone® Tires

Tire Mart of Owensboro proudly sells Firestone® tires for your passenger car, light truck...even your commercial rig or farming tractor. We stock the Firestone tires that are best for any surface and suited for every job.

  • Firestone recently merged with Bridgestone, another leading tire brand.
  • Bridgestone-Firestone is the world's largest development group for cutting edge tires.
  • Decades of operating experience ensure first-rate tread compounds, and have the technology for peak performance at any speed or tire air pressure.
  • Firestone’s full line -- for any make or model -- is available to Tire Mart customers.
  • Safety, performance, and handling ease mark the Firestone tire tradition. Come see for yourself!

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Firestone Firehawk&trade GT

Featured Tire: Firestone Firehawk™ GT

The Firestone Firehawk™ GT tire has a dual personality. On one hand, it is racing-inspired in looks and performance, with a wider footprint for turning corners like a pro, and traction technology for powerful control on wet surfaces. On the other hand, the Firestone Firehawk GT also features advanced Veri-Pitch technology to minimize pattern and road noises.

The combination is perfect, year-round. In addition, the tread of the Firestone Firehawk GT features an asymmetric pattern that varies from shoulder to shoulder, for all-weather performance. And finally, grooves around the perimeter of the Firehawk GT help to minimize hydroplaning by evacuating water. Are your old tires aching for new personality?

Michelin® Tires

Tire Mart of Owensboro values Michelin® tires for fuel efficiency, reliable braking and high durability.

  • Michelin Passenger tires are designed to deliver what car and minivan drivers demand: high-mileage and all-season performance to inspire confidence on any road.
  • Michelin Ultra-High Performance Sport Tires & Touring tires are ideal for the track and open road.
  • Michelin Luxury Touring tires combine the superior handling of Performance tires with the quiet, comfortable drive of Passenger tires.
  • Michelin Light Truck & SUV tires master rugged off-road capabilities and even heavy-duty commercial applications.
  • Michelin's Zero Pressure tires are specially designed to support your car after a loss of air pressure, eliminating the need to change a tire alongside a busy highway.

Call or schedule an appointment online. We are your one-stop solution for all tire needs. Use the Tire Selector tool to the left for a fast price quote at any time.

Michelin Symmetry

Featured Tire: Michelin Symmetry®

In the Michelin Symmetry®, value meets superior comfort. Perfect for cars and minivans, the Michelin Symmetry is produced with Michelin's Comfort Control Technology™ -- a computer optimized design strategy to greatly reduce vibrations and road noise. Its all-weather tread pattern includes wide center grooves for quick water evacuation and variable-width sipes for exceptional traction in any condition.

Go further with each tank of gas! The Michelin Symmetry's EnergySaver Construction™ delivers excellent fuel efficiency by requiring less effort from your engine. The end result is a smooth ride with no surprises, to keep you and your family safe year-round, wherever the road leads.

Dayton™ Tires

Visit Tire Mart of Owensboro for the latest from the Dayton™ Tire Company. Dayton tires continues to provide extreme high quality and dependability after 80 years of business. Purchase Dayton tires for versatile, premium performance...without the premium price.

  • Entry level brand of Bridgestone-Firestone.
  • Dayton packs incredible technology into a small product lineup.
  • Dayton’s all-season Passenger tires are ideal for car and minivan owners.
  • Dayton Performance tires (like the popular Dayton HR with directional tread patterns) are perfect for sport sedans.
  • For Light Truck tires, try the Consumer Reports-approved Timberline AT series and commercial models. Is it time you drove a Dayton?

Call or schedule an appointment online. We are your one-stop solution for all tire needs. Use the Tire Selector tool to the left for a fast price quote at any time.

Timebeline AT II

Featured Tire: Dayton Timberline™ AT II

Trust the Dayton Timberline™ AT II for all you demand in an all terrain tire. Travel the country in your light truck or SUV with its computer optimized tread, designed to extend tire life while enhancing traction and handling. The Timberline AT II does all this with an aggressive tread design for rugged off-road capability.

Tire industry insiders often praise the improvements of Dayton's Timberline AT II over its previous bestseller, the Timberline AT. With its modern, appealing sidewall design, Dayton's Timberline AT II tire is built for the explorer in you.

Fuzion™ Tires

Visit Tire Mart of Owensboro for the highly specialized Fuzion™ line of tires. Learn more about this specialized brand:

  • Fuzion produces 3 Passenger tires for your car or minivan: two High Performance All-Season tires (the Fuzion HRi and Fuzion VRi), and an Ultra High Performance Summer tire (the Fuzion ZRi).
  • Fuzion XTi, an all-terrain tire for Light truck and SUV owners, performs well in snow, rain and beyond the pavement.
  • All Fuzion tires are produced with Fuzion UNI-T® technology (UNI-T = Ultimate Network of Intelligent Tire Technology), which improves three primary factors of a tire's performance: the casing, the bead, and the thread.
  • Fuzion's Rim Guard™ raised rubber ridge acts like a bumper to protect wheels from curb damage. Go anywhere -- without wheel or tire damage -- with Fuzion tires.

Call or schedule an appointment online. We are your one-stop solution for all tire needs. Use the Tire Selector tool to the left for a fast price quote at any time.

Fuzion ZRi

Featured Tire: Fuzion™ ZRi

Hit the streets on a set of Fuzion ZRi™ tires and, from the get-go, you’ll know that Fuzion was designed to perform. Thanks to its UNI-T® technology, a directional tread pattern and other advanced technologies, this W-, V- and H-Speed rated tire maintains strong traction whether it’s wet or dry.

Ideal for summer use, the Fuzion ZRi has a round overall shape to provide balance while driving off road or during difficult weather. Even better, the ZRi has an affordable price and comes in nearly 30 sizes. Fuzion ZRi tires look great on high-end sports cars, without the matching high price tag.

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